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In Memory Of Daniel J. Craige
April 27, 1950 - June 7, 2006

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•    About Danny    •

The Danny Craige Surf’s Up Basketball Tournament was
named for our good friend who died too soon in 2006.

Love God
Love your Family
Love the Game

The above 3 commandments are what guided Danny’s life. The game is Basketball and more precisely St. Bede’s Basketball. For St. Bede’s basketball, Dan was both a builder and a teacher.

Dan was a prime mover in taking St. Bede’s basketball from a 4 team arrangement for 40 of the best kids to a program that included 25 teams and 300 kids.

Danny Craige, the Coach, at Saint Bedes

St. Bede’s Basketball went from a program that cut and disappointed a lot of kids each year to a program that found a place and a court for everybody who wanted to play. This was long before we had the beautiful home gym. He not only helped build the program, he helped give the program its identity. St. Bede basketball and its players stand for something special and that something is excellence. Dan insisted, win or lose that St. Bede players conduct themselves with pride and Christian grace. When you played for St. Bede’s, Dan demanded that you behave with pride and grace. Danny stood for good things and the kids responded. To Dan’s everlasting credit, St. Bede players are wonderful examples of what good kids are supposed to be. He was proud of that and he should have been.

Danny Craige, the Coach Dan was first and foremost a Coach. As a Coach, Dan spent most of his time with the youngest – the 100 or so Intramural boys and girls and the oldest 10-12 boys who made the Region Varsity Team. He alternated the organized chaos of Saturday mornings of teaching kids how to dribble and the triple threat position to the more frequent and intense practices of teaching young men the crossover dribble, the 55 press, Surf’s Up, Duke, the triangle offense, man-man defense, how to prepare for the next team-- you name it. And how he taught it. To say that he was animated is not to give his style justice. He was all over the court with his collar up, no socks and his whistle around his neck racing back and forth, coaching everyone at the same time, sometimes, if you can believe it, in a very loud voice. He loved what he did and he loved the kids. He taught them all the same way, whether it was the 100 screaming boys and girls on a Saturday morning or a future NBA player at one of Dan’s 4 weekly practices. He had so many practices because he thought it was important and he would accept any gym time which was available. He once practiced at 8 AM on New Year’s Day and even on the Saturday morning of his daughter’s wedding. Kids learned and they learned not only basketball but they learned that they were expected to be good people. Dan made an impression on them all. He told kids that no matter how old they got and where they went that they would always be St. Bede basketball players and that they were expected to act that way. He was always proud when one of his players did something special in High School or College and he always bragged about them and used them as examples for his current teams.

Danny House 5357 Oakland Street Philadelphia
Danny's Childhood Home
5357 Oakland Street, Philadelphia
We, the coaches he worked with, the kids he taught, the parents, and St. Bede parish owe Dan a great debt. We honor him by dedicating this Tournament. He would be embarrassed and refuse the honor if we were still with us, but he deserves it. We were blessed to share him with this family. He was truly one of a kind.

Thanks Dan.
We love you!
Surf’s up.

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